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Top 3 Tips To Build A Successful Online Business By Listening To Customer Feedbacks

Apr 25, 2008
A successful internet business requires a lot of things: effective marketing, excellent products/services and of course, great customer relationship. Among these, establishing great customer relationship will allow you to improve your internet business. The best way to accomplish this is by taking customer feedbacks seriously.

1. Always Consider Customer's Opinion As Constructive Criticism

Customer feedbacks should be considered as constructive criticism. As internet business owner, you should be able to use these feedbacks as a way to gauge your products' or services' performance. Never assume that negative feedbacks are meant to put you down. You should remember that clients will not take the time to post a feedback if they did not try the product personally and find it good enough to merit a comment, even a negative one. You should also have in mind that only 1 out of 9-10 customers actually provide the negative feedback. The thing is that, in most cases, if customer doesn't like your product or service, the one just moves on to another company without telling you the real reasons of that move. Collecting the critique will definitely help you to make a real 'picture' of your product - how good it is, how you could improve it even more. The purest gold of such feedbacks is that customers always tell how what to do 'better' so your product would be much more appealing to them. This way you would be able to know how you can improve your products or services by using these customer feedbacks.

2. Listen to Your Customers

In order to know how the market is responding to your product, you should learn to listen to your clients. It is not enough that you conduct product research or monitor sales performance. Sometimes customer feedbacks can provide you with enough insight regarding the quality of your services or products. With your client's suggestions or comments, you will again be able to enhance your products' features, making them more saleable or attractive to an even bigger market. Your customers will also tell you WHAT they need and WHY they need this. By listening to your customers, you could discover an additional opportunities to improve your product or service and this way gather more clients.

3. You Need to Meet Your Customer Needs

You will surely meet all your business objectives if you pay attention to the customer feedbacks. These reactions will allow you to measure your standards against the market. You will now be able to determine the problem areas for your product or service and look for ways to address these areas. Customer feedbacks will surely assist you in making sure that your products and services will continue to be in great demand. The more you listen and satisfy your customer's needs then your business becomes of greater value to many new potential customers.

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