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A Search-Engine Friendly Website

Apr 25, 2008
When you are getting a website built for your business, you will find that different designers use different methods. As a rule, web designers are too keen on the design and images, and less interested in fast loading of the pages and search engined optimization. So you need to be careful when you select a web designer. What you want is:

A search-engine friendly site
Pages that load fast
A website that is easy to navigate around
A site that reflects the philosophy or passion in your business

The site can be designed in HTML, PHP, frame sets, or JavaScript or with Flash. First, do not have the site designed in JavaScript. It is fine to have snippets of JavaScript on the pages, to set the current date or to track visitors, etc. However, the search engine spiders do not read JavaScript, so do not have the complete site designed with it.

Don't use Flash unless you must

Also, don't use Flash for the whole site, unless you must do so to protect the images from being stolen, or for some other important reason. In that case it is a good solution, but you will need some static pages that the search engine spiders can read. Flash is a pain, because it takes so long to load, even with broadband, and Flash sites are generally inflexible, in design and for the user. However, it is fine to have a few videos in Flash.

Nor frames

Frame sets used to be popular five to ten years ago, because you use the same code for every page, except for a link to the text of the page. This is not a search-engine friendly method. Usually, any links provided to the site go straight to the home page, which is not suitable for search engine optimization. Frames can be adapted so the search engine spiders can read them, but are still not such a good way to go as HTML or PHP, even though they can load fast.

HTML and PHP are better

HTML is fine for small sites, up to about 20 pages, but PHP or a combination of PHP and HTML, in which PHP elements are included in the HTML as files also works well. The advantage of HTML and PHP, is that the pages load fast, and that when the search engine spiders visit they see all the code and text that makes up a page, not just a list of files.

Of course, whatever you do, you need the title tag on the page.

It is also a good idea to have a description tag, which includes the main keywords, and to make sure the main keyword is included often enough in the article.

The title tag and description are included in the head of the page.

Overall, then use HTML or PHP for your site, and make sure that pages load fast, and are search-engine friendly.
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