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AdWords: The A B Cs of Success

Apr 25, 2008
Succeeding at AdWords is as simple as ABC

A) Always make keyword selections that are directly relative to what you are offering. There will be a temptation to use a keyword selection tool and make your choices from the top five because they might possibly relate. Don't give in to temptation. Focus all your efforts directly at your target demographics. You can't do that with random aimless keywords.

B) Before settling on a keyword make sure that it meets the qualifications. Is it general enough that it will occur to the average consumer while they are on a search but specific enough that it will not bring in a number of unproductive leads? Remember, the search engines are going to get their money whether you are making a profit or not. Such is the beauty of pay per click advertising. If you have taken all of the necessary steps and have a huge volume of traffic following the link on your advertisement to your website but are not making a profit you are going to quickly see your advertising budget swirling away from you.

C) Choose with care the price you are willing to bid for a keyword. Search engines are smart. Search engines know that they will get the greater profit from ads that have a greater bid price per click. Therefore the search engine will put those ads in the top spot in Sponsored Links, and they will be seen by more searchers. This would also mean more traffic. This should be a winning situation for both you and the search engine, higher bid price=more click throughs=more profits.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Being at the top of the list won't do you much good if your advertising budget won't stretch far enough to allow you to make the sales needed to recoup your investment. A balance is needed, and it can be a hard one to find.

D) Don't neglect the follow through. Careful monitoring after you begin your ad campaign, will help you discover how much business they are bringing you. Careful fine tuning is needed to avoid problems and keep your campaigns aimed at your target audience. Without it you could waste a large portion of your advertising budget.

These are the most basic yet vital aspects of an advertising campaign. If you are wise you will make the effort to study and utilize these concepts to maximize your profits and success coming from your internet marketing business and your AdWords campaign.
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