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Can Your Affiliate Site Make Money

Apr 25, 2008
You will certainly use your affiliate site to attract visitors. In your site, you will try to promote the products by pre-selling them. Your visitors will click the affiliate links and purchase in the merchant site if they feel interested.

When you are creating your affiliate site, you have to make sure that it will be interesting enough to make the potential customers to stay in your site longer. This will increase the chance for them to click the affiliate links.

In fact, most affiliate marketers will create what is called a themed content site. This means that the website will be on one main theme. For example, if you are promoting wedding favors you will create a site on weddings.

As a result, if you have joined a few different affiliate programs which focus on different products in different markets, you will need to create a few content sites. Remember, each site should focus on one niche only otherwise your visitors will be confused.

You should also pay attention to the domain name of your site. It is because the domain name can also be a factor to attract your visitors. In most cases you will register a domain name with some keywords related to your niche.

Now, it comes to the actual contents of your web site. You will be writing articles related to the products or services you are promoting. Encourage your visitor to follow the links of the affiliate program is another aim of the articles.

Remember, you are pre-selling the products. It is proved that the conversion rate will be a lot lower if you try to hard sell the products instead of pre-selling them. At the end of the day it is the job of the sponsor to sell the products. You should bear this point in mind since a lot of affiliate marketers make such mistakes.

You should also try to create the content of your site in a way that it is search engine friendly. It will be very important if you are planning to do some SEO work. And you should also remember the famous phrase Content is King.
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