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The Tell-A-Friend Secret Weapon

Apr 25, 2008
More and more webmasters are coming up with the same problem: Hot to grow their traffic to profitable levels. They have tried a number of different methods that had varying results. Some worked, but were short lived, while others did not work at all.

One technique that had created a number of success stories is viral marketing. This tends to make use of a person's willingness to share something that they have found to be useful, entertaining or informative or just plain exciting.

There are a number of companies that bank on this particular behavior to get the message out about their products or services. When using viral marketing companies have many mediums in which they can use. It could be in video form, a flash game, a story, or an informative e-book. It is considered one of the most effective means to promote online.

Typically, this form of marketing is low cost and a great tool for any website to utilize. The benefits far outweigh the costs and effort to begin this type of marketing. It's viral quality makes it invaluable when it comes to reaching an audience.

The Tell A Friend Script

One of the easiest viral marketing methods online today is the tell-a-friend script. This is as simple as it gets and easily attached to your webpages. In general, it is a script designed so that a person can share the media with his friends or family members.

The basic concept of this script is so that someone can input his or her name and e-mail address. They then submit the recipients name and e-mail address. The e-mail message may have a prewritten message, or the media may be attached. The recipient can't say that it's spam as the sender's name and e-mail address would be displayed plainly and the recipient would trust that person.

The script would eliminate the possibility of being blocked by isps as the information would be that of the sender. This allows for the message to be spread with much more efficiency.It is considered a sneaky way to do things but is very effective.

When the e-mail is sent and opened the media will either be read,viewed or played. The e-mail would also contain a brief description of the site that sponsored the media. There may or may not be some sort of description in the media as well, sort of a branding of the media. There may also be another tell a friend script. Hence the viral effect goes on.

This viral effect will begin again and again. As each person uses it, the potential audience can increase at a geometric rate and the site's potential visitors will only increase as a result.

The Availability Of This Secret Weapon

What may be a surprise to anyone who researches this script is both its ease of use and set up. It takes only a little time and effort to get it set up and running. Ironically,find one is een easier than one might expect. Simply add the text "tell-a-friend script" into a search box and hit enter.

You will see a number of results related to this search. Most of these script are free but one important point to remember is to check and see what your hosting company can support as many of the scripts are written with different requirements.

With the tell-a-friend script and a good marketing strategy, you could drive potentially profitable traffic to your site. This is a simple and harmless script that offers great benefits and low cost.

A final point to be made is this: be patient when using this script as it will take time to really start to work. If you are sending media, you may wish to examine the media to see if it is sending the message you want.
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