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Advertise Not Using AdWords?

Apr 25, 2008
For many advertisers Google Adwords and Adsense are synonymous with internet marketing. They either forgot or never knew that other methods of advertising can be equally profitable and take a smaller amount of cash outlay.

If you are not familiar with this topic, Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising/marketing business; when someone views an ad posted with Adwords the advertiser pays a fee.

This fee is generally less than a dollar but can quickly add up over time, particularly if the keywords chosen for the ad are ones that are very popular and are therefore going to generate a large number of false leads. It is a gamble, and in the same manner as a casino it requires very little effort for a pay per click marketing campaign to slowly drain the coffers of a company's advertising budget.

Fortunately, contrary to popular belief AdWords is not the only means of advertising on the internet; as a matter of fact, it is not even the most commonly used technique. There are many ways with which to skin a cat, and the internet marketer intelligent enough to step beyond the boundaries of AdWords will quickly find their profits growing without the continual draining of their budget.

The most simple and inexpensive way to advertise beyond Adwords is by using qualities found in social networking in the form of blogs and forums. Blogs and forums have community features that let web users to meet together to discuss topics that are of common interest. This gets your advertisement seen by people who are truly interested.

As they post on a blog whose topic is relative to their product if an advertiser includes a link to his webpage, he can raise the quantity of visitors to his site without paying any ppc charges.

Advertising on some other businesses website is another great marketing method. The trick comes in choosing the site to advertise on. The most important thing is to analyze with care his desired audience and find the sites they visit the most.

There are three ways you can go about advertising on someone else's site.

The advertiser can opt to simply create a text or a banner ad and pay the site in question to post the ad (this may not be an improvement over the pay per click method unless they are willing to charge a standard fee for the amount of time it is displayed).

In the two other ways you use the might of quality web content. Quite a few companies will pay writers to compose articles that contain information about the topic of their website, so they can put them on their sites to improve their search engine standing and increase the traffic to their site.

To help others build content and get free advertising you can practice what is known as 'link building'. The way you do this is create an article on a topic related to your product or website, then offer this article to a related website as content so long as they put your name and site information at the bottom as a resource.

Actually, link building works best when the reader in reality finishes the article completely. They also have to enjoy the article enough to want to see if the author has anything else available. But with how limited the attention span of the majority of internet users, the likelihood is low.

Alternately, when you write your article you can include links to your site sprinkled throughout the article. So when one of these links, which are made on relevant words, catches the readers attention he can click and be taken to the related area of your site where they can get the further information they desired.

This is called hosted web content and the majority of sites charge some kind of fee in exchange for displaying your article because a visitor can be taken away from their site.

With strategic use of these ideas you can be profitable and limit your use of the, sometimes dangerous attractions of AdWords. You can walk away with pride and wallet undamaged.
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