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The Controversy about Drinking Coffee

Apr 26, 2008
Why is there so much controversy about drinking coffee? If it were that bad for you why do people consume it daily? Why are there so many coffee shops out there with more opening their doors every day? It can be hard for a person to really know how bad coffee is for them. This is because the information on it seems to go in all directions. In the end though only you can decide if it is right for you or not.

Some of the healthiest people I know drink coffee each morning. They have done so for decades. There are others I know that don't touch the stuff yet the continually have one thing after another wrong with them. This says to me and to many others that there are too many variables for coffee to be pinpointed as the bad guy in most of these instances.

High cholesterol has been reported in many articles as being the result of people drinking decaffeinated coffee. Here they were thinking they were taking steps to help themselves and it backfired. These types of reports are scary but when you start to look past the headline you will find many of them don't hold much weight as far are being credible.

Then there is the issue of coffee being linked to causing people to gain weight. This one is true on many levels. Too many people fail to see how many empty calories they consume in the form of drinks on a daily basis. It isn't just coffee though but an assortment of beverages. If you drink your coffee black this isn't too much of an issue. However, those that fill it full of sweet syrups, creamer, and sugar can find they do put on a few pounds.

Many individuals feel that drinking coffee makes them energized. They are ready to start their day after a few cups of their favorite brew. They are also ready to work late at night, drive a car for hours, and crap for exams. This is due to the fact that coffee is a stimulant. Yet there is information out there about how too much of it can make you jittery.

It is true that coffee affects everyone differently. Some people do get hyper while others don't have much of a change. Some individuals aren't able to sleep well at night if they drink coffee after dinner. Others can drink it right before bed and still saw logs all night long. You will have to pay attention to how coffee seems to affect your own body.

This information is something you should share with your own doctor. Let them know how much coffee you drink. Let them know how you feel when you drink it as well as what your overall level of activity is. Since you should be seeing a doctor you trust you will likely respect their feedback on the issue of drinking coffee.

If coffee was that bad for you, would people be drinking it in the volumes that they do? It is amazing when you find out that billions of dollars are spent annually on coffee for the home, at coffee shops, and in restaurants. If it were to all be taken away you can be sure there would be plenty of irate customers out there willing to do anything to get it back.
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