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Why Not have Tea Parties At Your Coffee Shop?

Apr 26, 2008
If you find you have some sluggish times at your coffee shop in the afternoons during the week or even the weekend you can change that. Consider hosting tea parties there and you will pickup more business. Many adults will come in to gather and visit with each other. You will find young girls that aren't old enough for school yet can join in during the week as well.

You can schedule such tea parties one weekday afternoon and many people will make reservations to come. In fact you will likely see some regulars that come in every week. If that is too much for you though you can choose to feature them on Saturday or Sunday afternoon each month. Some parents may approach you to schedule a tea party for their child's birthday as well.

You can choose to host elaborate tea parties with nice table clothes and napkins. These will be pricey for customers and they will likely dress up to attend. You can also offer those that are more moderate and people can come as they like to dress to enjoy the atmosphere and the company they are with. You will charge less for this type of event.

For such an event you can offer various flavors of tea for everyone to enjoy. You can also feature small sandwiches and some delicious tasting desserts. The price should be per person and they can have as much of the drinks and food you offer as they want. You can charge one price for adults and another for children.

You need to keep a good record of the people that do call to make a reservation for your tea parties though. Never schedule more people than you have room for. This isn't fair to them and it won't benefit your business in the long run. Failure to write down the names of people is never good either so make sure everyone that could be answering the phone knows the right procedure to follow.

You can choose to offer some types of entertainment at the tea party as well. You can get free entertainment such as a violinist who needs some publicity as well. Even if you have to pay a small amount of money for such entertainment it could turn out to be a very good investment. If you don't have the room for this or the budget you can buy some CD's with great music to pipe into the area for your tea party guests.

Make sure you have enough time to properly train your staff on how to handle these tea parties. The quality of the service is going to be very important to the impression your guests will have of the experience. Keep in mind though you may need more staff to cover such events than you normally have scheduled for that time of day any other time.

It is a very simple concept to host tea parties at your coffee shop to get more business. Keep in mind that this doesn't just mean during those planned events. You will be exposing new customers to your coffee shop in this manner. Don't be surprised if they start to surface for other drinks at other times as well.
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