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5 Easy Steps To A Successful Web Presence - Even If You Have Never Had A Website!

Apr 26, 2008
Do you find that the internet is a complicated place? Do you find that you can use email, and can get by with the simplicity, but when it comes to having your own website, it all seems foreign?

Realize that today, getting your own web presence is pretty easy, and even if you don't understand all the terminology, by the time you read this article, you will be ready to take action on getting a web presence.

Step 1 - An Idea
The first step that you need to getting a web presence is to consider why you want to get online and have a website? This is a critical question. The idea for the website will allow you to move forward on the right footing.

Is the website for your business? Is the website for a personal webpage, possibly about you, includes your CV? Perhaps a site dedicated for your hobby. Or perhaps your website is going to be purely to make money from home.

Step 2 - A Domain
The first real step is after you have your idea, is to have a domain name. You have almost likely found this article online. In that case, you perhaps are reading this on a website. On the browser, you have an address. Addresses online are much more flexible than having a phone number or a postal address.

A domain is a name, a way for people to find you. The domain name you choose can be as simple as your business name or something catchy. You want to try to include your subject in the domain. So for shoes, 'topshoestore', could be an idea.

Domains have TLD's or top level domains. There are country specific domains such as .co.uk or .com for more commercial orientated sites. There are countless others, and listing them could take several articles!

Step 3 - Hosting Account
Once you have found an available domain and purchased the domain. The next step is to get a hosting account. The hosting account is simply a way to hold your website. This is essential as you want your website on the internet, constantly available 24/7.

For beginners, it can be a good idea to get hosting and the domain from the same hosting company. Though this is not essential, it can make it much easier to get your website online, without having to deal with lots of settings.

Step 4 - Website
After you have done the above steps, the next point is the website. Your website needs to be designed and programmed. There are many programs that allow you to create a website easily, even if you are a novice. Though for best results, it can be a great idea to find a web designer. This is more important if you want a professional website or if you can't seem to get a website going with a software solution.

Step 5 - Marketing
Most people forget the marketing. It is a myth that you can simply put up a website, and it will have visitors. This is especially more important for businesses. Don't neglect this point, especially if you are a business looking to go online.
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