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Is Your Work - Work Or Play?

Apr 26, 2008
Are you struggling in your home based business? Do you feel that each hour that passes is a long stretch? Is your work - work or is it like play? Your response to these questions can determine were you will be in 5, 4, 3, even 1 year from now in your home business. Here is why.

Do you remember having a job where you always checked the time? Whatever was going on, you just was there for the money? Did this job work out for a long time? If you are saying 'yes, years', then I am sure you are pretty stressed in that job. However, this is what many people do with a home business opportunity.

How many people get lured into a home business opportunity without thinking about the actual day to day business of that home business? They jump in, and jump back out quick as they got in. They will move forward through life cursing every business opportunity they see, and the recommendation to others is that they are scams.

If we take a deeper look into this, we will find that it is the chasing the money is the cause of the problem. Likewise, if you get into a home business opportunity and it feels like work, then it is unlikely you will succeed.

Imagine for a moment 2 people. One person loves video games, and constantly is at the arcade, constantly playing until the owner says its time to close. The other joins a home business opportunity - knows nothing of the product, has no interest in it, but wants to become a millionaire. Though these 2 examples are of different natures, they both relate to what we are really talking about, and that is action, and the motivation to act, and keep at it till you succeed.

Now the video game player wants a million points, and the person in the business opportunity wants a million also. One may be digital in nature, while another is 'real reality' though they both have to labor for it, they must take persistent action.

The video game player plays, and the owner has to kick him out, when the time passes past closing time. The person in the home business wants to finish as quickly as possible. The result is that the video game player wins, while the home business person has to soon find a job, and still be stuck in something they don't want to do.

Is work - work or is work play? This is important. Many a successful business person and I don't mean the manager who would want you to believe the work - work part, but the real owner. The biggest successes in life get paid more, and live an amazing life. Yes, it is down to a lot of effort, but if you can't see time fly when you are in the action, it is unlikely you will succeed.

I can be proved wrong, and you just may be a success, and yes, you may just hate what you do, but is it worth it? A simple shift of doing what you feel passionate about would enable the time to fly, and you will likely live a more enjoyable and fun lifetime.

Considering that our day to day activity or work is one which takes up the biggest portion of our lives, and then it stands to reason to do what you like to do, to play. Motivation becomes less of an issue when you love what you do.
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