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5 Ways of Getting Repeat Traffic and Customers

Apr 26, 2008
Getting traffic to your web site is a time consuming task. If you have a business site, then after you get the visitors to your site, you must convert them into paying customers. This guide by a Kansas City Website Design team will help you achieve these important tasks.

1. Title and Content: Title on your web pages should reflect your theme and also must include the best keywords. A title which includes your best keywords increases favorably the search engine optimization process. Content is King! A great contact will bring more visitors, create more back-links to your pages, and increase the popularity of the site. Update your content regularly, and provide quality information. Allow your visitors to comment on the content. Visitors love to leave comments and often come back to see the response to their comments. Always filter out unwanted or junk comments.

2. Call To Action: A call to action should be present on each web page. You should make available a free newsletter or provide link to utility products on the page to encourage your visitors to sign up for their information. Put your contact information and phone number or your email address on the page so visitors can easily be in touch with you. Kansas City Website Design can help create better call to action techniques.

3. Regular Updates: Regular updates, especially if you have a blog site, will induce the search engine spiders to visit your site more frequently. A regularly updates site is good for visitors and the search engines alike, whereas a static site that is not updates for long times lose their rank and traffic. Always update your web pages and add more interesting content and products. This will boost the traffic and repeat visits. More traffic means a better search engine ranking too.

4. Free Offers and Recommendations: Your visitors will love your web site for the freebies and recommendations they receive. Regularly give away good quality products, information, and recommendations freely. This may just boost your web revenues too, because people are also known to purchase your products along with getting the free items.

5. Convert Visitors To Leads: Kansas City Website Design recommends you should aim to convert the visitors into customers. You should also make the customers and visitors come back to your site often for more purchases. For that, you need a great content, many good items to sell, and more important -- presence of an opt-in lead capture form on your page. You can increase the conversion rate significantly by testing and making you lead capture form more efficient. Removing the navigation links from the page can also keep the visitor on the sales page for a longer duration. Visitors are afraid to give their email details to strangers, especially online pages that they are visiting for the first time. To win their trust, you can add a link to your privacy policy page. This can do wonders to the confidence of your visitors, and also do wonders to your conversion rate!

You can add customer testimonials on the page to win the visitor's trust and induce might just induce him into buying the product. Any free products or service give-away will add to the overall value of your product or service. Then by following-up with the leads, you'll be able to keep in touch with those leads and can give them the details of the latest information and sell more products.
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