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Decorating Ideas for your Bed & Breakfast

Apr 26, 2008
The appearance of your bed & breakfast is very important. Of course so is keeping your overhead very low. There are plenty of easy and affordable decorating ideas that you can follow though to make it look very nice. You can make huge changes to your bed & breakfast with some creativity.

Curtains can certainly change the look of any room. You may want to change them at your business based on the seasons. Heavier ones in the winter and lovely sheer curtains in the summer and spring. You can use neutral colors so that they will always blend in well. This type of dcor can also be very soothing for your guests.

Do your walls look bare? How about adding some new dimensions by placing wall border in there? Think about the theme you want and then measure how much you will need of it to complete the project. Most adhere with either water or glue and it only takes a couple of hours to complete. Yet you will have a very fresh and appealing look you will love as the result.

Painting is a common way to freshen up and improve the look of your bed & breakfast. Choose your colors wisely so they will blend well with each other. You want to have one color for the project and then another for the trim. You can look at sponge painting or even texturing to add something different as well.

Paintings and framed pictures accent walls of a bed & breakfast very well. They can be displayed in various rooms to make it look very homey. You can buy them at second hand stores for a very low price. There always seems to be a good selection of such items for sale.

Flowers are attractive and there are plenty of colors and styles of them to choose from out there. You can easily put vases of fresh flowers out for people to enjoy. Growing your own in a garden will help you do this very inexpensively. You can also display silk flowers that won't have to be replaced.

Handmade quilts look very nice on the beds you offer your guests as well. You may want to take up these skills on your own. You can also buy them from a craft show for a good price. If you know someone that makes quilts for a hobby, you can ask them to make what you need and negotiate a fair price with them.

There are really many ways in which you can enhance the look of your bed & breakfast. Take your time to focus on one area at a time. It doesn't matter how small of a budget you are working with. Many of these ideas can be implemented at a very low cost. You will find it keeps people coming back and that means more profits for you.
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