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Do You Know How To Help Someone Choking In Your Restaurant?

Apr 26, 2008
Do you know how to help someone who is choking in your restaurant? It is amazing how many people own and operate a very successful business that serves food yet they aren't trained in this area. It only takes a second for this type of incident to take place in such a business. Don't wait until you have had to helplessly stand by before decide to learn these types of procedures.

In such instances being able to respond quickly is very important. While there isn't going to be someone choking in your restaurant on a regular basis you don't want to leave them to fend for themselves. It isn't fair to rely on the chances of someone else that is eating in your restaurant to be able to take care of the situation.

By law an owner of a restaurant doesn't have to learn how to do such procedures. They aren't legally held responsible should someone choke on food in their business either. Yet that doesn't mean you don't have an ethical responsibility to help your customers when they really need it. How you choose to handle such an issue is completely up to you. It is a good idea for you to have some other staff members trained as well so that someone how can help is available.

Check around locally and you should be able to find plenty of first aid classes to teach you about it. They may be offered during they day, at night, or on the weekend so you can be sure you will be able to find one that accommodates your schedule. If there is a cost to attend the class it won't be very much. Generally that cost is only to pay for your book that you get to keep.

Approach the staff that you would like to attend this type of training as well. Your long term employees as well as managers should be a part of it. Let them know that you will be covering the cost of paying for their materials. You also need to pay them wages for the time they spend in the class. This will generally be a day or two depending on the program. You can write all of it off as a business expect for your taxes as well.

Not all first aid classes are the same so do some research and get into a good one. It isn't going to do you much good in a real situation if you weren't taught the materials effectively. Make sure in addition to learning techniques for adult chocking victims you learn then for children and infants as well. CPR should be covered too because you may have a choking victim that isn't breathing after you have removed the object that blocked the airway

The best types of first aid classes to learn with are those that have classroom educators as well as books you can refer back to later. They also have life like mannequins that you can practice on. This way you can be confident you know exactly how to handle the chocking victim. Some people are very panicked when this occurs and they need to know you are calm. There are also follow up courses you can take to refresh your skills in the future as well.

Hopefully you will never have to experience someone choking as they are trying to enjoy the food you serve in your restaurant. Yet it is a possible scenario and it is the responsible business owner that is always prepared for anything to happen. As the leader of your restaurant business you can set a very good example for those that work for you by taking the time to be prepared for such needs from your customers.
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