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Is ebay simple to use?

Apr 26, 2008
ebay the basics.

13 years ago a computer programmer named Pierre Omidyar started a company called AuctionWeb. Since that time in 1995 the company has grown from a start up in San Jose, California to a world wide presence called ebay. Having acquired PayPal, Skype and Shopping.com ebay has been profitable almost from day one.

With approximately $2, 039 generated every second of the day in sales, ebay is truly mind boggling. It boasts over 276 million registered users including 1.3 million sellers. Its original auction format has expanded ton include fixed price formats also.Anything you are looking for you can find on ebay.

Starting out auctioning used collectibles and goods, ebay's growth has grown to include all sorts of new products along with much unwanted goods. Ebay thieves on one mans garbage is another mans treasure. Whole businesses has grown out of ebay's auctions.

How easy is it to use?

The following quote sadly is a common opinion of ebay's ease of use. "It is unfortunate that eBay has gotten more and more complicated than when I had first joined in 1999. I have to say, eBay.com was faster, more efficient, and was much easier to use back then. I've spent a lot of time on eBay and you would think that it would get easier and easier to use. However, because they keep adding features, it is actually getting more difficult to use. What a shame."

It appears sellers have the strongest opinion on ebay's difficulty of use. This in itself makes sense. Since it is the seller that will eventually benefit financially from the transaction. The difficulty of use is not all ebays fault. A lot of the complexity arises from the fact ebay is continually trying to add new features. Yet as with everything else you can reach a point when to many good features jumbles up the product.

All in all from the buyers standpoint the system is pretty easy to use. The most difficult part being trying to pick what you want from the millions of choices. The first step is to register and ebay walks you through the process. One major stumbling block for the new buyer is the possibility of being ripped off. As with any transaction care must be taken before sending off your hard earned money.


Sure from the the buyers stand point ebay is pretty easy to use. From the sellers view point maybe not so easy. Yet the ability to put your product or service in front on millions of buyers for very little expense, makes it all worth it in the long run. Knowing the rules as in any game, makes it easier to play and a lot more fun.

As such it is as easy to pick up junk as it is to find a real treasure. However, the millions of addicted buyers suggest that there is a lot out there worth bidding for.
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