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Personal Tanning Problems Can Bring You New Customers

Apr 26, 2008
Some individuals only decide that a tanning salon is the best place for them to go in order to get a deep, dark color that they love. They often try out other methods and that just doesn't work well for them. In fact, their hard efforts may result in them have tanning experiences that they will never forget. They won't be funny initially but hopefully they will be able to laugh about them later on.

Make sure your staff understands the importance of helping people in such a predicament. When they turn to your tanning salon for help you need to turn that into an opportunity to get them as a customer. That doesn't mean you blow off what they are dealing with. Yet you can help the solve it if you can and then offer great options to make sure it will never be an experience they face again.

Not everyone that has time to tan outdoors is able to do so. In fact many fair skin people think they can't get a tan at an indoor location either. As a result they don't check it out. Yet you can help offer some tips to soothe their red and burned skin. Let them know that they can spend a few minutes in an indoor taking bed and not burn. They can continue to add more time as their body adjusts. Even with a few minutes a day they can get a great looking tan with the use of an accelerator.

If you offer UV free tanning methods it may be a better option for them. They can return after their redness goes away and they are no longer in pain. They can step into a booth and get an overall tan in just a few minutes. This can last about 7-10 days for them. Caution them to continue using a high SPF in the natural sunlight so they won't get sunburned like that anymore.

There are plenty of products advertised that people can buy at the store to put on a fake tan at home. The ads make it look very easy but that isn't always they case. Streaking is a very common problem. Areas around the knees and elbows that don't match well can make you look dirty in those areas. A very common tanning problem that people have from this is an orange tint to their skin instead of a tan color.

You can definitely help out with this type of situation. First you can explain to them that they can remove a great deal of the color on their own at home with by adding some lemon juice to soap and water. This will help to dissolve the pigment color in the fake tanning product. They can do this and then come back to tan with you later that day.

This works best if offer sunless tanning options. They can easily get a color that really does look good on them. It can be embarrassing to go to work or anywhere out in public when your skin looks orange! It is very hard to hide the fact that you have been using fake tanning products. Do your best to help them put it in the past as soon as possible as it just won't ware off on its own fast enough!

Taking the time to help people fix their common tanning mistakes is important. Don't have the attitude that it isn't your problem or that you are too busy taking care of your current customers. You will often find helping such individuals is a very simple way to increase the number of regular customers your tanning salon business has.
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