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Why The Uneducated Need SEO Specialists

Apr 26, 2008
Anyone who has been working within the SEO industry for any length of time will tell you that SEO is not a quick fix solution. To become truly powerful and gain those page one rankings you so hotly desire takes a great deal of time and once at the top it is an never ending effort to stay at the top. This process can take months, and for the more competitive phrases can take years.

By applying a coherent SEO method it is possible to achieve results. If you want high rankings in a short space of time it may be tempting to take paths that are not deemed ethical. This is also known as black hat SEO and as a rule should be avoided at all costs. Have a consistent strategy that has been proven may take more time but the results will, on the whole be more rewarding. The pursuit of quick fixes is a plan usually undertaken by the uneducated. A specialist SEO worker will be able to tell you that quick fixes in the industry just do not exist.

While the way search engines operate exactly is still an enigma, having a basic understanding of the way they work is an essential component of being an effective SEO specialist. Many still believe that results are based from every site on the internet; this is wholly unrealistic considering the huge volume of websites present on the web today. There are in fact no search engines that carry out this kind of searching, search queries are put through a database rather than the entire internet. Understanding this key principle is fundamental for success in SEO.

Search engines can find any website in the World Wide Web if they need to through links from other sites already included in their database. It is important for the SEO process that a search engine should not have to find your site through links, being included in the database is fundamental. This process can be quite simple with search engine crawlers or spiders indexing numerous sites on a regular basis.

Modern search engines use complex algorithms that vary greatly. The formula of these algorithms is naturally highly secretive making the SEO process difficult. With different search engines having different methods of searching, it is hard to please all at once; this is why SEO is such a lengthy process. There are however certain general characteristics that are consistent in all of the major search engines. Principally, the content on a website is of extreme importance; if the information on your website is relevant to the topic, this content remains a text only process as there are no search engines that are able to read picture information effectively. This is often termed as being 'picture blind'.

Hence part of the SEO process is producing content that has sufficient keywords and a large amount of relevant information. Effectively, if you have spent the time ensuring the information included on your site is relevant to either your products or services, this is a good starting block to achieve the high rankings you desire. Turning this content into high rankings is why you employ an SEO company, without knowledge of algorithms it is hard to get to the top.

Search engines today regularly change the way they operate meaning that your SEO efforts should be constant. While having good content is key, making sure this content is organised in a search engine friendly manner will increase chances of long term success. Avoid placing too many pictures and remember that the content should appeal to both artificial and human readers, following this advice should get you on the way to success.
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