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Spanish Call Center Services Bring in Latin American Dough

Apr 26, 2008
It is not news to U.S. business people and consumers alike that America's consumer base is changing, just as the consumer culture is as a whole. Much of the core business is in the lower to middle class population whose notable demographic population is Spanish speaking. This demographic is becoming just as wired and just as able to access the amenities that were used by upper class Americans. The use of Spanish call center services are the burgeoning star of the telecom industry.

There are two fronts of business that many U.S. companies look to these days. On one side, there is the rising population of Spanish speaking Americans, many of them recent immigrants from South America and Mexico whose first and sometimes only language is Spanish.

Another point to the business equation is finding a source for Spanish call center services. U.S. companies have sought nearby countries such as Mexico as an affordable and high quality resource for Spanish speaking professionals. In fact, Mexico is leading the world as the number one location for customer service specialists, which is around 60% market share of Spanish speaking agents in the Americas.

Mexico has perhaps the most per capita number of professional call center professionals. This may be because of such rich population sources like Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Tijuana.

There are some roadblocks that the industry is currently trying to finding workarounds for. Land prices and pay scale are on the rise, which is putting a bit of a strain on the bottom line. But since the location is adjacent to the U.S. it really doesn't seem to be changing as a favorite.

Caribbean Connection

This geographic area is another big business opportunity for the Spanish call center service trend. Normally a spot like Santo Domingo is a big location for tourism, but the telecom industry is on its heels. Call centers are springing rapidly in respect to all of the demand that is coming down the pipe. It's been estimated that 2-3 billion dollar annual gains have come from the Caribbean alone.

Santo Domingo government officials even create incentives for English immersion courses so their citizens will have some job options in Spanish call center services after they gained a handle of both languages.

The Caribbean is often a lower cost of living depending on the sourced country, but on average a worker's salary is around $650 a month. The future may hold even more promise in more Latin based cultures to bolster the U.S. private industry economy as well as helping developing nations.
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Anexa Teleservices (http://www.anexatel.com/) is a telecom service company that offers the help of Spanish call center services for private businesses. Their employee training melds well with any of their client's needs and corporate culture. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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