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Using Social Networking Sites To Generate Leads

Apr 26, 2008
The first step to generating leads from social networking is by making a presence, a good solid and positive presence. Look at some of the fantastic tools that are available to help you do this. Use embedding to integrate your opt in list with social networking.
It is no big deal, as many people embed videos and music into their profiles. If you are a great content provider then you will get sizzling leads from social networking sites.

Never include anything less than great information, information that can improve the lives of your readers. Remember that today is an information hungry society, so feed them with what they want. If you prove your credibility as a quality content provider, people will start subscribing to your list and responding to your offers. The trick with providing free content is to give useful information.

Give your prospects and future prospects some information but not so much that there is nothing left for the imagination. You want them to see enough that they can not wait to read your newsletter. Give them some bait and make sure that they want more which they can get from your paid products or services.

Social Marketing has become a key to helping people connect with others of like interest. Social Networking is how all of the Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Home Business People are going to build their current businesses and create an additional income stream. Social networking is also referred to as Web 2.0. Social Marketing is the hottest business online right now.

Look for social networking websites that are in your market segment. The most popular right now is Linkedln, Facebook, and MySpace but you are not limited by any means as there are numerous sites that offer the same services. Some sites even have a way for you to make money. The more people on your down line who enroll, and use the simple Marketing System to build their business below you, the more money you can make in no time at all.

Some of the social networking sites are focused in more of a business environment while others are more of chit chat type program. You want to get in with those that fit into your plan, people who share a common interest with you, people who can make you some cash!
If you are a business looking to utilize social networking for profit, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the demography, social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook target the young generation and youth. Do you have a niche product/service that caters to this group? If so, through niche marketing, advertising on these sites could bring in a lucrative income.

If this is not your target market then look over the various social media sites and find one that does fit your niche. Many wonder why social networking is so popular and it is because customers are more prone to purchase products from a company that goes the extra mile in developing a relationship versus a company that does not.
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