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Apr 26, 2008
I love to eat out, and I do so more than I probably should. However, I have a very busy lifestyle and I really don't enjoy cooking. Once a week I go out to lunch with two of my best friends. We meet for an hour or so in order to catch up on things because we all have jobs and families that take up most of our time. This is our one piece of time to really stay in touch with each other and do something for ourselves.

I eat out with friends at least once a week so it does add up to quite a bit of money I spend on this luxury each month. Since I don't like to cook though I think it is a good investment for me. There are some restaurants that I am known to eat at on a regular basis. When I am in them, I often see familiar faces as the establishment has a large number of regular customers. This is a good sign that they are doing everything right to keep customers happy.

All of these other issues are part of eating out in any restaurant. If I have had two bad experiences in any given location, then I don't return. I am sure many other people aren't going back either. Hopefully the owner of the restaurant will implement necessary changes before it is too late. However, I don't want to waste my money by going there again unless someone I trust tells me that things have significantly improved.

Too many restaurant owners simply don't understand what it is that attracts me and others to their business. They seem to think if they are great cooks then people should be lined up to get inside. Well, I will tell you that good food is only part of the equation. If I am going to pay the money that I have worked so hard for, I want to have an experience that is wonderful.

Since I know leaving a restaurant is going to cost me money that is in my wallet, I want to have some confidence in the establishment where I am going. Consistently offering customers a quality experience from the moment they enter a restaurant should be the goal of every owner. This is the best way to get word of mouth advertising in your favor to take place. There is also the chance that it won't be positive information that is being passed along if you aren't focuses on all of the needs of the customers.

This isn't just an issue when people like me are eating at local restaurants. I travel quite often and I look for new restaurants to try. Sometimes I find out information about them online. Other times I am in a mood for a particular type of food and so that information on billboards capture my attention. On other occasions I go with a traditional chain restaurant where I can get one of my favorites that I am very likely going to enjoy at this location as well.

Millions of people use the internet every day to look for information. I use it to look for information about various restaurants. Some times I will eat at a particular one just because of the reviews I read online about it. It can be fun to travel and try out these places that others give such rave reviews. I too post my experiences with restaurants as I want to share that type of information with others as well.

Every successful restaurant has carefully implemented the practices that they use to entice customers to come in the door. Once they are there though, there are many other factors that have to be present in order to keep them satisfied. You want your customers to come back to eat there again. Having delicious food isn't going to be enough so make sure you focus your energy on covering the entire dining experience so you can be successful.
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Patricia Farnham is a restaurant business veteran. Before you decide to buy a restaurant, you might want to read some more of her insights on the restaurant industry on her website.
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