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Vending Machine Locators Mishaps

Apr 26, 2008
No one decides to invest in a vending machine business so they can waste their time and money. The goal isn't to work hard for that money to invest and then to lose it. Since we are all in agreement on that issue, the question remains why do so many people trust that money to a vending machine broker? Generally it comes down to the fact that they are new to the business and they want someone to lead them by the hand and show them how to get it done.

This is exactly the image that vending machine brokers want you to have of them. Yet they are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing as they will take your money faster than you can imagine. The disappointment of losing the money you had to invest in a vending machine business is something you won't recover from any time soon. The financial devastation can place an economic hardship on your family.

Some so called vending machine brokers do offer you their legitimate information but they know how to play the game. They offer you what the guidelines in the contract specify but not like they should. For example they often know other people that they work with to get your vending machines placed. Chances are these aren't going to be good locations. However, they did fulfill their obligation of getting you locations for your vending machines.

Many of these so called vending machine brokers are very smart when it comes to getting your trust. They may put you into contact with others that they have done work for (part of their team of course). They can also show you locations where they have contacts for vending machines. This is all done in an effort to get you very excited about the prospects for your vending machine business.

If you are going to have a successful vending machine business, then you are going to have to take care of the leg work on your own. If you think there is a good way around it then you are better off not even getting yourself involved in this type of business because it won't be a success for you. Vending machines aren't cheap so you definitely don't want them just taking up space in your garage.

They may give you a sad story that they need to sell their vending machines that are in prime locations because they are moving out of state to care for their sick mother. Make sure they offer you a review of income tax returns and bank statements then so you can verify the income they are making. Most people simply don't offer to sell a very profitable business

So how do you go about having a successful vending machine business? You find the locations for the machines on your own. This way you know what you are getting yourself involved in. Take some time to evaluate where people hang out in your town and you will come up with some great locations for vending machines. You don't want to chance putting them in locations were they aren't going to be used though because vending machines are too costly to be sitting there and not making any money for you.

No one said it was going to be easy to get a successful vending machine business started, but nothing that is worth doing ever is. Every type of business out there has issues they have to get passed in order to do well. Having a successful business takes much more than just a dream and luck. Make sure you avoid those vending machine brokers though as they will take away every chance you have of being successful right before your eyes.
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Robert Farnham writes about avoiding problems with vending locating companies, and the smart way of finding locators for vending machines.
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