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Succeeding In Your Coffee Shop

Apr 26, 2008
Do you have what it takes to operate a coffee shop? These days consumers are looking for more than a cup of either regular or decaffeinated coffee that they will drink black or with a mixture of cream and sugar. They want a full line of drinks that include lattes, cappuccino, espresso, and other favorites.

The quality of the products you serve at a coffee house is very import. People want the very best tasting coffee products available. You will need to choose your suppliers carefully so that you everyone will come back for more. Don't make the mistake of trying to save a few bucks by cutting back on the quality as it is going to cost you more in the long run.

Make sure you always have a good supply of cups and lids too. Nothing is going to annoy your customers more than being told you are out of lids or something similar that makes it seem like you aren't prepared. Keep a close eye on your inventory so you always have plenty of ingredients on hand. Your customers will come to know your coffee shop as being very reliable.

Even though most of us are somewhat impatient, waiting in line for a cup of coffee is something we simply don't have the time to do. Many of your customers will want their favorite drink to start their morning but they are going to have to get to work on time. Most bosses aren't too forgiving about being tardy, especially for something as frivolous as having to get your morning coffee.

In order to keep the line moving swiftly, you are going to have to invest a great deal of time in the training of your staff. Before they are turned lose out there to greet the morning rush, they need to know how to make every drink you offer and how to operate the machinery to get it done. Make sure you hire individuals that are friendly and willing to learn.

The location of your coffee shop is something you need to take your time to consider. You definitely want it to be accessible by customers as they go to work. You should try to get a location that offers plenty of foot traffic as well. This way your customers can come over on their breaks during work hours too instead of just in the morning.

If you want to operate a coffee shop, you are going to have to be an early riser. Many people are up and about to get their coffee as early as 5 am. Are you willing to get up this early in the morning to operate your coffee shop? Many coffee shop owners typically get up around 3 am so they can shower, get to the coffee shop, and have things ready to go when those early risers start showing up.

When you take the time to really find out what consumers want from a coffee shop, you will find you have the ability to provide it. They aren't asking for anything more than quality products that they can purchase even very early in the morning. They want to be confident they are going to get a delicious tasting drink and still make it on time. They also want the service to be fast and friendly each time they come to the coffee shop. If you are willing to offer these things to customers then many of them will be very loyal.
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Karyn Lewis is passionate about great coffee. If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop, and avoiding the common mistakes new owners make, you can read more at her recommended at her coffee business website.
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