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AdWords versus AdSense

Apr 26, 2008
Every internet marketer knows the words. Google AdWords and Google AdSense are the new kids in town in the internet marketing craze and everyone cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon. Suddenly there are fliers and e-books everywhere touting the greatness of these marketing venues and encouraging everyone to fly off their couch, sign up with an affiliate company and launch their own internet marketing career.

So, what are Adsense and Adwords? What differences are there between them? This is information that you need but is not offered by the fanatics eager to find a new convert. You would be surprised about how little information these fanatics can have. That is the one thing internet marketers need in order to be a success: information.

The concepts behind Google's AdWords campaign is very simple. When people go to Google they type in a number of words into the search engine bar which will allow Google to direct them in the direction they need to go. These words are what are known to individuals in the internet marketing community as keywords.

Keywords are the words used to direct a target audience to a particular advertisement or website. By creating advertisements incorporating these keywords advertisers can have their ads displayed along with the various search results that Google comes up with and the amount of exposure their ads receive all but doubles.

Launching a successful AdWords campaign is not something which should be taken lightly, managing it even less so. A failed AdWords campaign can cost the marketer a large portion of their advertising budget. AdWords is a pay per click marketing strategy which allows the advertiser an unlimited amount of exposure in exchange for a small fee; generally less than a dollar, but one that adds up exponentially as time passes on.

What AdWords does for the advertiser AdSense does for the webpage owner. AdSense allows webpage owners to select various keywords and topics which pertain to their webpages and Google will send them a selection of AdWords ads to include. The idea behind this is to draw more viewers to their webpage and eventually convince them to buy whatever it is that the site in question happens to be selling. AdSense, when it works, is a mutually beneficial proposition.

Anyone still confused about the relationship between AdWords and AdSense can Google the two words for a more detailed explanation and the steps to launching their own respective campaigns.
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