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Choosing Your Coffee Shop Menu

Apr 26, 2008
What should you place on the menu of your coffee shop? This will definitely take some planning so don't rush. You want to give customers enough choices that they will be content enough to keep coming back. The more choices you offer though the more training your employees will need. This can become an issue if you have a high turn over rate at your coffee shop.

Make sure your customers get to choose exactly what they want when they visit your coffee shop. This includes what goes into your drink as well as how much of it they get. Offer more than one size so that they will be content with what you have to offer. The more you can do to please the customers, the more likely they are to become regulars. They will also encourage others to stop in and discover what you have to offer as well.

It is easy to encourage customers to try new drinks too. If you have some ingredients that aren't selling, offer it as the drink of the day. Offer a great price to go with it as well. Once people buy it, they will likely enjoy it enough to buy it in the future. If they don't like it though be willing to pour it out and give them something else they do like.

Some coffee shops limit their menu just to drinks. However, many have found that they can increase profits by offering snacks to consumers as well. They can be good for the body such as bran muffins. Others such as a sweet brownie are good tasting but don't offer your body much that is of any nutritional value.

Some common morning favorites that customers will look forward to include fresh fruits, muffins, danishes, yogurt, and granola bars. You can also offer delicious cookies, cheesecakes, and brownies throughout the day. These items all go very well with a nice hot drink off the menu.

It is also possible to offer a nice lunch menu at your coffee shop. Customers can come in and enjoy something light. A sandwich with a cup of soup or a bag of potato chips is a better option than visiting the local drive up window for a greasy burger and French fries. It is also going to give them the chance to sit in a nice environment to eat their lunch than trying to drive back to work and eat it at the same time.

However, other coffee shop owners prefer to have their afternoons free. It allows them to focus on the needs of the business. It also means they only need to hire for one shift each day. This concept will cut down on the overhead expenses including labor and electricity.

Unless you are operating a chain franchise, what you offer on your menu is completely up to you. Pay attention to what is selling and what isn't though. You can always add or remove items from the coffee shop menu to keep your business profitable. Listen to your customers as well because they will likely have some valuable ideas and suggestions for you to implement.
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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee shop failures. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they buy a coffee shop.
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