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Secrets for Successfully Managing Your Pay-Per-Click

Apr 26, 2008
They are not telling you lies. You can have outstanding profits with low expense of effort in a short period of time with PPC marketing. As far as ad campaigns go, it can be the goose that laid the golden egg. What they aren't telling you is that the ppc marketing campaigns that are a success, result from cunning minds and many hours of manpower.

Choosing a search engine to do business with will be the first step to take to succeed with your pay-per-click campaign. Obviously Google and Yahoo are the first things that come to your mind and they do the highest quantity of business, but they are not the only ones out there doing business. Pay Per Click Universe did some research that shows the top ten pay-per-click advertisement programs.

1. Google

2. Yahoo!

3. ABC Search

4. Search Feed

5. 7 Search


7. Enhance Interactive

8. Findology

9. Microsoft adCenter

10. Ask.com

The savvy marketer will take advantage of all of these resources, experimenting to see which will bring in the greatest volume of business.

The next step on the path to pay per click success is the selection of the proper keywords. A good keyword should be one that is general without being too general; it should not require a college degree to think of but not be so non-specific that it will lead to an absurdly high number of false leads.

Most search engines will have a database that will show the frequency of the most popular keywords used in recent searches. These should be considered a starting point, not the end. Many of the more popular keywords are simply too general to generate a large volume of productive leads.

Now that you have chosen your keywords, you have to ask yourself, "How much am I willing to pay to have someone see my ad and click on it?" Pay-per-click ads are displayed with the highest bidding ads going first, and so on to the lowest bids. This makes sense because the search engines want to make money also.

The ads with the highest bids are going to be the ones given a place of honor at the top of the list. This means that they will be among the first to be viewed. This is very important because most internet browsers are not going to want to look through hundreds of pages of information to find what they are looking for; if it isn't in the first five to ten it will probably be forgotten.

There really cannot be too much micromanagement when you manage your ppc marketing campaign. It is vital that marketers are aware of the volume of business that their ads generate. Knowing lets them make changes to the campaigns if they think the ads that are running aren't working efficiently. They can then adjust them when they are a small problem not a disaster.

When diligence in management and research are applied you can make hundreds of dollars in pay-per-click advertising; still this is a trial and error venture. Discouragement can be avoided by remembering that you won't likely see large amounts of money showing up in your bottom line right after you set up your campaigns. Remember: Patience is a virtue.
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