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E Mail Marketing Software - 3 Key Email Responders Factors

Apr 26, 2008
There are a bunch of different e mail marketing software programs on the internet. However, in my several years of experience with e mail marketing, I've only found maybe 5 or 6 that are worth the money they charge to use their services. Of the 5 or 6 I have cut it down to 1 essential service that I will tell you about below to help you avoid making a mistake and losing time and dollars.

When considering an e mail marketing software, there are three things you must particulary concern yourself with. Not one of these has to do with price. You should only evaluate price after you have found software that meets the three criteria I will now present to you.

1. Your first concern is delivery. You want no doubt that your emails are being delivered. Not all software has the same delivery rates. It is dependent upon on their ability to break through the spam filters and the servers they use as well. Focus on finding e mail marketing software with high delivery rates. Although, do not simply take their word for it. Request recognizable proof.

2. The second feature you must have is list segmentation. It must be easy for you to create multiple lists, and to further segment your main list into micro-lists. As an example, let's make believe you were going to launch a product very soon. You would want to come up with a list of people from your main list who showed they were most interested in that product, so you could email them more often than the others on your list who are not as interested in that product. One of the real secrets to money making is in list segmentation.

3. The number three feature you must get in your e mail marketing software is the ability to test. In order to test, you must first track. Go with software that tracks your email statistics. Following that, use those statistics as points of reference when you send out future emails.

For instance, if you have a list of 10,000 people, here is what you would do. You'd send 1,000 an email with one headline. Next you'd send an additional 1,000 the identical email with a different headline. Take a look at which one triggered your email to get read more. Now use that headline to send to the remainder of the list.
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