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Making More Money with Email Marketing

Apr 26, 2008
There is no doubt that email marketing is a very effective way of promoting affiliate products or services. In fact, you will need to build your own opt-in list in order to make it more successful. One of the best way to build your list is to give away free newsletter.

You will send messages to people who have subscribed to your list. When you are sending them, you should remember that you have to include plain text, as well as HTML versions. This is due to the fact that some email clients will not accept HTML.

Autoresponder is another must in your email marketing campaigns. You will save plenty of time if you use an autoresponder. Without it, you will need to send the messages one by one. There are a lot of autoresponder services which just charge very low fee out there.

Another essential job you have to complete before you start your email marketing campaign is to check if your messages will be blocked by some spam filters. Sometimes the messages may also be blocked by the ISP. You will need to check about this carefully. There are also some autoresponder scripts which come with spam filter checker.

You may wonder what you should write in the messages you send to the subscribers. In most cases you will write a few short paragraphs concerning your affiliate products. However, you are still pre-selling the products. You should never try to sell the products in your messages.

You should add your signature file at the end of each message you send. You will miss the point of send messages to your subscribers if you do not include your signature.

In your signature, there are something it must contain. They are your name and URL. You may also include your company name as well. Generally, you should try to make your signature less than five lines.

There are also some other things that you have to add to the message. They are your real name and physical address. You are required by Law to do this. Another thing you must add is a link in the message so that people can choose to unsubscribe from your list.
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