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What Is PLR (Private Label Rights)?

Apr 26, 2008
You've heard of master resell rights, where you could buy a product, make use of it and resell it get your money back as well as profit.

Well, resell rights are still very popular. Even more popular, though, today are PLR Private Label Rights. Why is this? There are distinct advantages with private label rights software over master resell rights.

You see you as the seller of the master resell rights product got a benefit in that for the sale you could keep 100% of the profit. The big disadvantage to you was that you were unable to change anything. You continued to sell someone else's product along with many other resellers. Each time you sold another copy, you were distributing the links the author had placed in the software.

The author was the biggest beneficiary because you had passed on his links to other products that could create potential sales for him. The sales could keep coming his way for years to come. Your sale was made just once and you benefited just once.

With private label rights you can now become the author! You are now able to include your own viral links into your products.

You also have the ability to change the product and update it so that you introduce a fresh new product onto the market. Most private label products come with source graphics so that you are able to even give them a new look.

It becomes obvious that there are many advantages to owning private label rights.

How would you use PLR to produce a new product? You could get together 2 or 3 products that are similar. Choose what you want to use from each and then bring it together. You also need to do a little research to make sure the information is up to date. Make sure you include a resource section with useful links that will benefit the reader as well as yourself. Put it into a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) file. Now you have created a new product.

Always check the license you receive with your PLR product. The best license is the unrestricted one. With the unrestricted license you can do whatever you like.

Private label rights give you much more freedom than master resell rights and have the ability for you to create viral links that can continue to produce an income for you for years to come.
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