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Is Affiliate Marketing For You

Apr 26, 2008
Affiliate Marketing is a fancy name for you selling someone else's product and then the owner of the product pays you a commission. In the real world this is like being a commissioned sales person.

The portion of the profits you get to keep varying from product to product and product owner to product owner. Digital products can have commissions in the 75% or more range, while physical products such as skin creams may be as low as 5%. This is something you want to check up front.

Affiliate programs vary almost as much as products do. A major factor in choosing a program should depend on the help the product owner is willing to offer you. While some programs may generate a tracking link for you, others may supply you with banners, text links, email and so on. A tracking link is a web address to the sales site or sales page that remembers that you sent the customer to the product page. This is how you get credit for the sale.

Yes, affiliate marketing is easy and great for beginners. It is a perfect way to test the waters and see if the Internet is right for you. No matter what you are doing, selling your own product or someone else's you are an Internet Marketer. By being able to start selling someone else's product you have no initial investment and can see if you like this type of work. Because if you want to make money it is work.

Basically you are using other peoples money to get yourself started on line. This gives you a great head start in learning on Internet Marketing works. Because if you like it or not if you are trying to sell anything on the Internet you are an Internet Marketer. And no matter how many articles you read about how easy it is, it is not!

A major obstacle to many beginners, is once they choose a product they think the money will just start flowing in. this is not the case. You must learn to generate traffic (visitors to your website or sales page). This can best be done by investing in a quality affiliate training program.

Start out searching for a training program by doing some research. It is sort of like looking for a good college. The only difference is, you can complete the program in weeks, you potential income from the program is massive and price of the program will be less than $500 with many programs less than $100.
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