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Apr 26, 2008
Welcome to my eBay Reviews and Guides Official Site Article Report. I will be featuring many reports on all kinds of eBay Reviews and Guides online auction items. This one will be general information report about a great online help section featured on eBay.

Ebay has a very informative section called Reviews and Guides. This is a place for eBay members to rate and share their opinions about products such as books, electronics,toys, and everything else. You can write a simple review or a indepth one if you choose. This is your opportunity to share your opinions and expertise, and help others in the eBay community.

Want to buy a particular product but need more facts? Do your research on eBay by reading these reviews.I have saved myself money and time by reading the reviews. Reviews are written by eBay. The Guides section enables eBay members to share their expertise on any topic or category. Whatever your interest or expertise, you can write a guide on it. The topics are endless. It's your choice to review or write a topic.

Guides has some very neet and helpful features I highly recommend. Guides allow you to be creative in both the topic and design of the page. Writers can insert pictures, special formatting, eBay links, and headings. How cool! Another great feature Guides has is it can also help readers learn about almost any topic or product category. There are two types of Guides: eBay Guides and member guides. eBay Guides are either written by eBay or eBay partners and always appear with an eBay logo so you know it's reliable and trustworthy.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I love eBay and have bought and sold for many years. It is always fun to win a auction or sell some item you longer need! Please click the link below in about the author section and it will take you directly to the eBay Reviews and Guides Official Site. This will save you several steps trying to find this eBay section. Ebay has lots of awesome help sections but I really like this one the best. Just click my link guides and reviews below and go to that section and type in any item you want and instantly have reviews and guides on that product. It will help you to make a more informed chioce on your online auction decisions. I did not know it existed for years but have found the Reviews and Guides section and am addicted on it. Check it out. It could save you time and money.
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