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Where the bale wire is used?

Apr 26, 2008
Bale wire is a type of wire that is used almost everywhere from agriculture to industries. At first, bales were formed with the help of bale wire. Now it has various applications available.

Since bale wire was used in agriculture extensively, it was initially called 'farm wire'. As the application of bale wire changes, it has been called now 'soft wire'. Its ability to mend and fix becomes the main reason to be called soft wire.

Bale wire is used extensively by common men to lead an easy and comfortable life. In the past people used farm wire to make headband and that is how soft wire and flexible wires came into existence keeping in mind the need of the time.

Bale wire has become so much popular today that it is available almost everywhere in the world. Bale wire is made from metals like steel or iron. It is normally packed in reels or rolls.

Galvanize bale is a kind of bale wire that has coating of material like zinc. The coating of such material provides wire safeguard against decay, corrosion and rust.

An annealing process of heating the wire and slowly cooling it produces another kind of bale wire known as Annealed bale wire. It is strong and powerful than regular bale wire.

Bale wire is often used in agriculture for making bales of hay. It is used for binding square bales of hay, cut grass or straw. Fences are mended with the help of baling wire, known as chain links, in order to protect the farm. The fence of chin links does not require huge amount because it can be cut easily as per our requirements.

One of the most common uses of bale wire is to make bales of compacted paper and plastic for recycling balers. Baler wire helps binding bales of compacted waste.

In non-agriculture area, the most textile industries are using baling wire in order to get compacted bales of cotton, jute, wool, and other materials. Such compacted bales are easy to transport.
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