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Security Issues In Visual Basic Script For Professional Web Design

Apr 26, 2008
While designing this script the designers eliminated all parts of visual basic that could cause visual basic script to be unsafe and insecure. Damage could come to a use's computer through a web page that opens and modifies a file for perhaps deletes a file on the use's computer. VB script prevents virus infections and other potential security and safety problems, as it is not able to open or modify files on the user's computer or its own.

The design of this valuable basic script properly reflects the goal to prevent security leaks and ensures safety with VBS but it has no control over the execution of the code that composes controls like active x controls, built in hypertext markup language controls, OCX and OLA objects. Whenever a buggy control is included on a web page the potential of that web page to become unstable is equal to the stability of that control. Therefore it is essential that the web page designer chooses controls that will work as bug free as possible without any browser or any of the platform on which the web page is running.

A control could also modify a file. This script does not modify the file, but the control does. Although this basic script cannot be faulted for causing damage to a user's system, it cannot be responsible for either the security or stability of any controls or OLE objects it works with. Although visual basic script is a subset of visual basic, there are many differences between visual basic script and visual basic.

The first difference between visualbasic and VB script is that VB has a design time environment that is when you run VB you get an attractive editing environment where you can craft forms and write code using an interactive shell. There is no such environment available when you work with visual script. Code of VB creates windows applications that operate in and of themselves.

On the other hand, the script code works inside hypertext mark up language documents which are plain text files and runs with hypertext mark up language. The other primary difference between visual basic script and visual basic, aside from development environment is the language itself. Visual basic supports many commands, keywords and data types that VB script does not support. To start with visual basic script you need several things namely a browser that supports VB script, the visual basic script runtime interpreter, access to require controls, and an editor or some other tools to help you assemble web pages or edit hypertext mark up language documents.
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