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Maximize Your Landing Page With Split Testing

Apr 26, 2008
Most companies design a website, get it up and running on the internet and hope for the best. Even if they put a lot of effort into specifying which marketing tactics they will use, they don't optimize their pages by testing whether or not their efforts are effective. Split testing is one way to narrow down which parts of your website are working for you and which are turning customers off or just taking up space.

The most common technique is creating dual homepages that have the same purpose but vary in content, graphics, color, layout, or any combination of components. You would launch both versions of the same page for a predetermined amount of time. During this period you measure which configuration performs better according to performance factors that you set ahead of time.

You can decide to change only the layout and wait to see which version generates more sales. You can also change several things to determine which overall package is a better seller. Either way, you establish a set of variations you'd like to test and go from there.

Whichever combination of variables you choose to test, you will have a goal in mind of how much you want to enhance your site and in what ways. Most businesses want their homepage to simply have a higher conversion rate. Other companies are just interested in generating more overall website traffic or eliminating flaws in their marketing campaigns.

Examples of components that can be altered include copy, graphics, and layout. Since an unlimited number of combinations is possible, you must decide beforehand if you want to focus on one particular component or vary several things in one test. This will determine the complexity of the data analysis required.

If this is the case, you will probably need some help from professionals. Even if you have some knowledge of server statistics and website design, there are some things better left to others. People with experience in this type of project can usually get the job done more efficiently.

While this will require a financial investment on your part, you may save yourself a lot of time trying to figure out how to analyze data. They can also suggest changes that you had not previously considered. Coming from experience they may be able to pinpoint problematic parts of your homepage without even doing any data analysis.

Selecting the right company for you is usually an easy choice. While there are many companies to pick from, usually you have a certain budget in mind and there are also limitations to what some companies can do. Whichever route you take, make sure you have an end goal for your website improvements in mind before you begin.
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