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Tips on Affiliate Marketing Solutions for Websites

Apr 27, 2008
Now that it is essential to have a website to work as an affiliate, the big problem is how to get traffic to that website. First, of course, you need to get a domain name and find a reliable web host, both of which cost very little.

Target a very small niche

Once you have your website, and you are targeting a sub-niche such as 'American Moths' or something, you need to make that website comply with the requirements of the search engines. To do this make sure that each page has its own title tag and meta description tag. If you are not sure what these are, Google for these terms and you will soon find answers.

The first thing to be said is that because you build it people will NOT come. You have to get in the places where they can find you. There are three affiliate marketing solutions here:

1.Rank well on the search engines for your sub-niche keywords, but not try to rank for the main keywords, even though you will want a page or two about them.
2.Advertise on Adwords or MSN or Yahoo Search Marketing
3.Write articles and submit them to the article websites

It is not too easy to rank highly for even sub-niche keywords, but to do so make sure that you have enough articles on the site to cover your subject. Don't just have one page recommending the product you are marketing.

Secondly, submit the site to 100 minor directories, avoiding those that ask for payment or a reciprocal link. You will find there are directories of directories listed in Google.

Set up a blog to make sure your site is indexed

Thirdly, set up a blog on your site, with a link to the index page, and ping that to the ping services, which broadcast the presence of new blogs to the internet. With Fantastico, you can set up a blog in about two minutes.

Why not make your affiliate marketing website just a blog? The format of blogs is not so good when you want people to be able go from an article about your subject to the affiliate recommendation page quickly and easily. There are other limitations which make blogs less useful for affiliate marketing, although they are very useful for other forms of marketing.

If you decide to advertise here are some important tips:

1.Set an end date to each advert, and renew it if it is successful. This stops you from spending too much money.
2.Always use two adverts, with each getting the same number of clicks so you can see which is the best one. Replace the worst performer with a new advert regularly.
3.Set daily and monthly maximum budgets.
4.Advertise for exact match or phrase match only. For exact match the key phrase is put in like this: "key phrase". Phrase match is put in like this [key phrase]. This results in more targeted results, and will save a lot in advertising costs.

A good way to get links to your site and direct traffic is to write articles about your niche. You submit these to article sites like goarticles, and then they list them, which gives a link. Then, some webmasters will put the articles on their sites, giving you more links. In addition, some people who read the articles will click on the link in your bio and visit your site. This is a good way of getting traffic to your website, and does not cost money, just a bit of effort.

These affiliate marketing solutions to what to do with your website will make it into a money-maker, although it will take time. Advertising is of course the quickest, but most expensive way.
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