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How To Convert Website Exits Into Customers

Apr 27, 2008
It is a well know fact of online business that most website visitors will NOT make a purchase at your site. Most people have thought that if you can convert one in one hundred exits into customers that you are doing good but it would be a lot better if you could convert a lot more.

Obviously you will never be able to convert all of the exits but it is worth the effort to capture as many as possible. The main reason that it is difficult to convert is because those who are not taking the time to read what is on your site certainly do not care what is on your offers. Some visitors read only your headline then leave. Others read a little more then become distracted and exit. And many visitors only scroll to the bottom of your page to see how much they are going to have to pay for your product or service. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about those types of people that is just how they are.

Like most businesses online, you believe that you have a product that you know many people will be interested in and you believe that it is a product that they are really going to want and it can also be very beneficial to them. This means that you owe it to them to make every effort to get it into their hands. You need to come up with a plan to slow down their abandon rate, something that only appears when a prospect is in the process of bailing.

You are attempting to get a message across, this is a crucial message too, you need for them to know that you do have the solution they have been looking for and you just need to give them a little extra incentive to further read your offer. This page is designed to pop up if the prospect intends to bail, it is a special order form that allows them a one time only deep discount on your product. It needs to be written in captivating text and it needs to be clear that this offer has an automatic expiration indicating a "do or die" immediate situation. Only those who are trying to split from your website are going to see this page so it is not distracting to others.

You will immediately notice that new orders will be received from this special page. These are orders are above and beyond your regular orders. And the orders come from visitors who were about to abandon your site completely! You will really be surprised at how many extra orders you will receive after one month. Of course when using any new strategy, there can be drawbacks. So you should always be prepared to be flexible. For instance, on occasion you may get a customer who paid more for your product, write and complain. It is sort of like when some folks see an item go on sale that they paid full price for. Some folks bring the flyer to the store and ask for the sale price.

You do not have to be a technical wizard to accomplish this because there is software available that just about anyone can follow and be on your way to snatching up those prospects that intend to exit. This software is not costly and will make a world of difference when converting prospects into customers.
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