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How To Use Business Cards As A Marketing Tool

Aug 17, 2007
A business card is one of the cheapest and most valuable marketing tools. It is an often overlooked basic business necessity. It establishes the brand identity of the company and serves as a marketing tool when it supplies the proper information about the company. This little piece of paper is valuable for the growth of a company, because it helps to fetch clients.

They are easy to carry, inexpensive and available in a lot of varieties. To make it stand out, put some effort into creating an effective one. Creative ones speed up the process of a company's success in this competitive world.

Use business cards on various occasions to advertise a company in the marketplace. Don't wait for somebody to ask for one. Offer them everywhere. Always carry a few business cards in a pocket. Hand them out to new clients and give them to family members and relatives too.

Paste them on business gifts. This creates a good image of the brand. Paste them on birthday gifts and festival gifts. Examples of festival gifts are Christmas gifts or New Years gifts. Paste them on the bulletin boards of banks, grocery stores, or libraries. Leave them at hospitals, schools, beauty salons, street fairs, and craft shows.

Drop a business card in store offices or in restaurant suggestion boxes. If the cardholder is interested in products or services, then they shall definitely establish contact. Leave a few with some local businesses in the area.

Never forget to put it with outgoing orders. Paste it at the top of the order. Also include them with outgoing monthly bills from the company.

Leave the business card in library books related to your business. When readers don't get the full information from the book and need more help, they will look for more help from the business card.

Another way to expedite sales is to write down the discount offers of products on the backside of the business cards. Then leave them with customers. Drop off the business cards at the local realtor. Stick a business card on the car. Then people will look at it when they walk past the parked car. All these practices, if followed, properly can make the business card a cheap and valuable marketing tool.

Remember to trust professionals with the creation of the business card. In order to act as a suitable marketing tool your business card must attract the attention of potential consumers. Graphics professionals have been trained to do this with their work and it is well worth the money.
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