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Employee Motivation, Take The Horse To The Water... And Make It Drink

Apr 27, 2008
Finding ways to motivate employees to do their best and beyond is rewarding for both the employee and the business. A successful manager turns reasonable requests asked of their employees into incentives for a job well done.

Motivated employees are your greatest line in defense in attaining quality job performance and meeting future goals.

Motivation is a key ingredient to any success. A skillful manager provides a winning strategy by setting up targets for the employees to achieve company aims. Most people respond well to positive feedback.

Today's workforce understands budgets and do not always expect to see rewards in their weekly paycheck. A personal comment of- 'Good job, Mary' or 'Thank You, Bob'- can at times gain more profitable results than a fat bonus (don't tell my boss i said so).

A strong leader knows how to inspire employees because one person can not manage the workload alone. Every person wants to feel their hard work is appreciated.

Competition is a tool you may find useful in motivating your staff. Your driven helpers competing with their fellow co-workers can only mean more productivity for you.

Bosses are surprised to learn that money is not always enough as a motivator. Recognition and fairness are among the awards that employees treasure and can not be deposited into a bank account.

Creative contests are a good idea for seeking to pump up the game in your crew. Keeping up the group's morale is beneficial for the future good health of your employees and the company.

Allowing your trusted employees freedom to enjoy themselves while working is a great self- motivator which takes some much needed pressure off management.

Use the competitive edge in people to insure assignments will be carried out in a professional manner. You do not want the integrity of your business to suffer just because someone covets a desk clock prize.

A self-starter in the workplace can rally the others who may have fallen behind in their work. Let your valuable employees see that you appreciate their extra effort.

Give them an unexpected twenty minutes on their lunch break. Tell the employee who always volunteers to work late that they have earned a half-day holiday. Do not consider above the call of duty dedication as part of the job description.

Loyalty is a great motivational speaker that will not go unheard.

Surprisingly, factors such as pay, benefits and working conditions were given a low rating by both groups. So after all, and contrary to common belief, money is not the prime motivator. Though this should not be regarded as a signal to reward employees poorly or unfairly.

You should not have to coax your employees to manage dead lines. Pride in themselves is more than a sufficient accomplishment for plenty of folks.

A personalized plague to hang on the wall or a signed card letting them know they are valued is a small token that makes a huge difference. Give yourself a pat on the back and get to work!
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