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Can Your Network Marketing Business Be Automated?

Apr 27, 2008
With the internet becoming more important in the network marketing industry, distributors will look for automated systems. It would be nice to put people into a business whether one is sleeping, out shopping, listening to music or golfing.

Then one has to ask why do people get involved in the first place. Is it because the involvement would require very little or no work from the distributors` part? The fact is that network marketing will definitely require a lot of work and distributors will definitely have to think about how serious they are about achieving any sort of financial wealth.

It is definitely a fact that you cannot fully automate a network marketing opportunity although it is possible to completely automate other types of businesses. As far as network marketing is concerned, relationship building is absolutely vital in order to maintain a solid long term business.

Those involved in network marketing have to understand one basic thing. Although you will no doubt need a marketing system, which is a prospecting system, and therefore should bring targeted and warm leads to these businesses, and a training system, nothing can replace a human being as a lead converting system. The reason for this is because prospects need personal follow up. Prospects need explanations about the products and opportunities and the human factor has to be placed in the final part of the marketing funnel.

Also a human being is required in the training process. Websites and autoresponders are only tools and only a limited amount of information can be put on websites and emails. It can be said that fully automated network marketing businesses can only give frustration to the business owner. The reason is because there is no no one there to answer any queries the potential customers may have and assess their needs.

You may ask the following question: if all you need is an automated marketing system, then why would network marketing companies need distributors?

Where Are Your Leads Coming From?

Although leads and lead generation are crucial to any network marketing success, you have to understand where these are coming from and also how they have been sourced. If you implement your own lead generation system then you have full control over where they are sourced from and you also know that they are targeted leads.

Training Your Distributors

How do you put the training of distributors on auto pilot? The answer is that this is not possible. You will definitely lose control over your business if you let others do this for you. However, you must remember these points:

-Your prospects will join you and not your network marketing company.

-They need to trust and like you before they join your opportunity.

-Your downline distributors will come to you when they need advice and guidance when they encounter difficult obstacles.

You are responsible for your business growth and not an automated system. Without any kind of relationship with your distributors and prospects, your business has no foundation.
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Erik Gifford is a network marketer who is passionate about the success of other network marketers.You can get help with building your network marketing business in the new model by creating a free account at the Renegade University.
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