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What the Artists Say About Downloading Music for Free

Apr 27, 2008
How do you listen to music online? The debate on downloading music has been raging for years, and the few who are against it tend to cite the familiar notion that every downloaded track is a lost sale. But most people believe that this is a simplistic and short sighted view, and that file sharing is a lifeline for undiscovered bands looking for an audience.

Such viewpoints are understandable from the record companies, they don't want people to listen to music online for free, or bands and artists developing a fan base and making it on their own. However, Peer-to-Peer technology is winning supporters from within the very industry that opposes it.

Black Eyed Peas

"Our general thoughts on illegal downloading are that for up-and-coming groups that don't have deals and that are trying to get exposure and publicity, it's a forum that is good for them. People that do have deals, however, and have records coming out, a lot of times don't get the record sales that they want. But, it's good for people that don't have the means of distribution.

I'm the type of fan who wants to purchase the CD, a cover and the artwork for my collections, so illegal downloading isn't something that occurs to me. I also like to support other artists.

I've definitely done it before, you know, it's good for sampling, but if you like the music you should follow up and just buy the record. Plus, MP3s aren't as good quality as CDs."

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

"I just want my music to be out, and that's always been the main priority. It was never really about getting paid. It was just getting people to hear my music."


"Well, the whole reason I started making music is because I love music and I'm flattered if anyone makes an effort to listen to my music whether they buy a CD, whether they do a legal download, whether they download something illegally, whether they listen to it at a friend's house. I just am flattered and honoured when someone makes the effort to listen to my music. So, of course I support legal downloading, but, to be honest with you I'm pleased if someone downloads my music illegally. Again I feel quite flattered."

There's more...

The CMCC (Canadian Music Creators Coalition) which includes artist such as Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, John K. Samson (Weakerthans), Sarah McLachlan, Sum 41, Broken Social Scene, amongst many others have taken a stance against the entertainment industry associations believing that the RIAA and the like do not represent the best interests of the artists.

So with the attitudes of so many major artists supporting change and a move away from the old models of the recording industries, it is no wander that the future of music is moving increasingly in favour of consumers who share and listen to music online, and the artists around the world who believe in it.
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