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How do you Choose Companies that Employ Mystery Shoppers

Apr 27, 2008
With literally hundreds of companies that hire mystery shoppers and provide analysis services to companies, trying to find the best among companies that employ mystery shoppers can be challenging. Typically, most of these mystery shopper companies are reputable, providing an outstanding service that benefits both the shopper and the business owner. However, we have seen a rise in the number of companies that employ mystery shoppers that are dishonest and downright fraudulent.

When you are looking for companies that employ mystery shoppers, start by asking about what specific industries the company services. You may not have a preference, but knowing that there are some companies that only work with restaurants or hospitality for instance may help you to narrow down the field of available selections.

Additionally, if you are looking for a way of earning a little extra cash opposed to being reimbursed for a shop, then you want companies that employ mystery shoppers that pay a fee over reimbursement. The thing you want to avoid is any company that asks for a large upfront fee to become a mystery shopper. Unfortunately, some fraudulent companies that employ mystery shoppers do exist. Therefore, make sure you research the company well before accepting any work.

While there is this small instance of negative activity, the business sector as a whole offers tremendous opportunity for people of all types and backgrounds to earn extra income. As you start your search, consider several of the following companies as possibilities to join:

- Amusement Advantage - This is by far one of the best companies available for mystery shoppers. They provide you with cell phones and digital cameras to complete various assignments.

- Beyond Hello - This company has over 17 years of industry experience and provides services within the US and in Canada. Their shopping services are customized to meet the needs of the client, increasing the overall value that the business will receive for the efforts.

Other top companies that employ mystery shoppers are:

- Consumer Connection - For the past 11 years, this Canadian-based business has been one of the great companies that employee mystery shoppers. With a focus on providing valuable information to ensure businesses meet and exceed customer expectations, this particular company has grown significantly.

- Full Scope, Inc. - This company provides and excellent analysis for their clients, specializing in retail and restaurants. The company pays their shoppers for their time and a small reimbursement for any incurred costs.

Overall the amount of companies that employ mystery shoppers can be overwhelming. However the above are some of the top companies to apply to as they have proven results and they treat their mystery shoppers well. It is always better to apply to more than one company in order to improve your chances of being selected for an assignment. Also, as time goes on and the need for companies that employ mystery shoppers increases, you will find the level of pay increases too.
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