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What Makes Proper Keywords so Vital in a Google AdWords Campaign

Apr 27, 2008
When you go onto the internet looking for information what is the first thing that you do? Do you go directly to the website that you are looking for, magically pulled there by your subconscious who, coincidentally, just happed to know the web address of the site?

Of course not. If you are like any of the other millions of people in the world the first thing that you do is go to a search engine and ask for help. You type in a few words or even (gasp!) an entire sentence and it magically does all of your dirty work for you, magically directing you towards any of a number of web pages, which will have the information you are seeking.

The words that people type into the search engines are what we are talking about when we talk about keywords. They are the way you guide those people searching for what you have to offer to your particular website. They are what you need to use in your AdWords campaign. You want to aim at potential clients while not leaving out those people who may no know that your precise service or product is in existence.

If you lack the right keywords your adwords campaign will be unsuccessful from the get go. We are talking pay per click, that means you have to pay Google everytiime there is a click on your ad even if you never make a sale on any of those clicks.

With the wrong keywords, that means that you won't get to the folks you really want to reach and they won't be exposed to your ad and you won't have the opportunity to entice them to your site, instead you will get multitudes of the wrong people, people who don't want what you have to offer and only used one of your keywords, clicking on your ad and making the costs of your advertising campaign skyrocket until you have no option but to shut down your Adwords campaigns..

You can go about selecting your proper keywords for your google campaign in several ways. Primarily the marketer should step back and think about the product/service and the market for it. What is the client desiring from this product/service? What needs will it fill? These should be included in the ad. If there is no need the product/service wouldn't be marketed.

After the marketer has honed his keywords to ones that will help him guide consumers to his Adwords ads he can go to the Adwords site at Google (www.adwords.google.com) and receive help in getting synomyms and relative terms to assist them in making their ads as specific as they can. Then he can settle in and enjoy the profit that he can then realize.
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