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Tips On How To Find A Profitable Niche

Apr 27, 2008
When I first decided to invest my time and energy into learning how to create my own online income, maybe like you, I had a certain amount of stress trying to find ways of doing it! The concepts of making money online or how to build my own money making website were all new to me. The theory behind tools like Google Adsense, Adwords and Yahoo Overture were unfamiliar as were the concepts of affiliate marketing, blogging for cash and all the other tools and techniques used for creating a successful online working from home business.

So I studied, bought e-books on how to make money online, studied some more and as a result learnt more and more about ways to generate an online income. However I was quite disappointed after spending weeks and weeks trying to make some money not to generate even one sale. Then I read this statement.

There is always a reason for how well you do, and that reason always relates to what you do and how you do it.

Once you realize this, then you know success really is do-able. Some people do succeed... big-time...but not necessarily the first time. Just keep trying until you find the right approach.

Everyone has a passion or interest. We have all had experiences in life, some good, some not so good. Which ever it is, you have within yourself something that is of great value and benefit to others. This page will help you tap into those areas of your life and show you how to channel that passion and motivation to making a successful home online business.

The key to success for selling online is to create valued content where there is demand. Your visitor doesn't want a sales pitch, they are not looking for hype or even media excellence, they are looking for relevant up-to-date content that is of value to them.

I can here some of you now saying, "I don't know the first thing about selling online". Well you are now in the same place I was when I first started. Although I don't claim to know everything there is to know about making money online, I can show you the process and some of the techniques which will help you get to where you want to be.

You are embarking upon a truly rewarding journey. Have no doubts -- this is "winnable" e-commerce. It's totally under your control.

Detailed in more detail through my website, I show the 3 steps for building your own online business.

1. Find your passions and profitable niche 2. Harnessing the power of quality content and talk about your passion 3. Sell your passion to the world.

Finding a Niche

Firstly lets do a little brainstorming to find those areas of your life that are possible ideas to build your business around. The few hours or so that you spend here, in preparation, will determine exactly how big your success will be. One of Site Sells statements about this stage of preparation is PREpare, Not REpair. Don't rush with process, you are not in a race, there is no stop watch ticking. Some careful planning and fine-tuning will pay you big dividends down the road. Ken Evoy (Director of Site Sell) has some excellent advice on how to find your subject niche! Ready? Good... lets continue and find your...


Passion makes work fun and easy...

* What is it that you love to talk about, read about?
* What is your hobby?
* What do you do for fun and games?
* What are your natural talents?

Don't forget to look right under your nose...

* What special body of knowledge have you learned from your job?
* What do you do day after day, without even thinking about it (eg. child-rearing, taking care of sick parents, renovation contractor, customs inspector).

Think about what you do in a typical day, and what you've learned from it...

* What sections of a bookstore or a magazine shop do you automatically gravitate toward?

* What kind of TV shows or movies do you tend to like most?

What activities do you enjoy most about your current occupation?...

* Is it research?
* Helping customers achieve their goals?
* Managing other people?
* Teaching or explaining things to others?
* Talking/selling on the phone?
* Organizing things?
* Making a process easier?
* Discovering or creating new products or services?
* Marketing products?

Problems are also a good source for ideas because problems need solutions!...

* What bugs you?
* What's tedious?
* What does not work?...

We all encounter obstacles, problems, and difficult people in the course of whatever it is that we do every day. What are the three biggest problems in your work place?

By now you should have a list of ideas which are all possible subjects to build your online business around. The next stage of our brainstorming stage is to prune that list to dig out the most profitable - high demand - low supply keywords.

To do this there are several tools you can use like http://wordtracker.com or Google's Keyword Research Tool. One of the tools I use is Search It!, a free tool from Site Build It which is linked and works together with wordtracker, yahoo overture and major search engines to bring you search statistics for keyword analysis.

We all find it easy to talk about things we love, but not many people know that people are willing to pay money for the acknowledge you have! This is the dawn of the net and by creating quality content around your HIGH DEMAND - LOW SUPPLY topic you could be earning money from what you know.
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