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How to Build a Successful "About the Author" Box

Apr 27, 2008
Anyone can build a simple "About the Author" box to include when they submit an article to an article distribution site. The problem is that most people will include information that is unnecessary, information that is too personal or simply not enough information. Knowing exactly what to include in your "About the Author" box will save a lot of time and trouble.

Building a successful "About the Author" box is not difficult, but it does take a level of commitment and time to perfect the information that will be the only source of information about you when you submit articles. It not only tells publishers a little bit about you and your background, but it also tells your readers a little bit about you, too. This is a great way to earn publishers and readers trust, confidence and loyalty.

Steps to Building a Successful "About the Author" Box

It may seem like no big deal to whip up a few words to place in the "About the Author" box when you submit an article for distribution. It's not that simple, though. You have very little room to present yourself as a subject matter expert and offer links to your personal or business websites. In other words, you need to use your space carefully and plan exactly what you want to say.

This may be done on an article by article basis, although the same simple message that you have perfected as your message in your "About the Author" box may work for many articles. It's also good idea to switch things up now and then to give your readers something new. Sharing information about yourself or your product in the "About the Author" box is a great way to lure people in and create interest in your product or services.

The first step to creating a successful "About the Author" box about is to include your name and contact information. Depending on the nature of your business, that may mean using a phone number or an e-mail address. More often than not, however, a link to your website is more appropriate. Maintain a professional image at all times.

The next step is to find one or two relevant links to include in the "About the Author" box when you submit an article. You can include links to other articles with high-quality information about the same topic or keywords. Use links to a page where customers can make a purchase of an item that is relevant to the topic of your article.

Another step in creating a good "About the Author" box is to share a little information about you. Include any information that can strengthen your image as a subject matter expert. If you browse through an article distribution site you will get a good idea of what is expected in "About the Author" boxes. The key here is to bring up only relevant information.

You may have a beautiful dog that you love to talk about, but if you're writing an article about Internet marketing, then there is no need to include information about your dog in the "About the Author" box. It may show something about you on a personal level, but is not appropriate and misses the opportunity to present yourself in a professional manner as an expert in your field.
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