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5 Ways to Promote Yourself or Your Business without Giving it a Hard Sell

Apr 27, 2008
Finding ways to promote your business is tricky business. The idea is to reach as many people and let them know about your product or services for the least amount of money and time you can invest.

One thing to consider when promoting your business on-line is this: it's better to offer information about your niche topic that draws attention to your website and gains the trust of customers. Getting new customers with a hard-sell right from the get-go is not the way to earn their trust. If the customer doesn't have trust, they simply will not buy from you. The competition for their business is too high.

5 Ways to Promote Yourself or Your Business

1. Use press releases to announce news about your business. Tell customers what new products or features set you apart from your competition. How do you go above and beyond their expectations; what is your uniqueness? Also announce new and innovative products you want to share with the media.

2. Use article marketing to spread word about your business to many websites. Start by writing informational articles that address your target audience. Insure they are loaded with the proper keywords and provide a link to your website in the author's resource box when you submit your articles to an article distribution site. From there, websites, newsletters and other publishers have the option of choosing your articles and publishing them in their entirety; including the link to your website.

3. Network with other people in your field. This can be done on and off-line. Offer to exchange links with one another, refer people to one another and explore what other benefits you may offer each other.

4. Include links to your site via your signature in free directories, forums and blogs. All it takes is a gentle reminder for people to see how to reach you if they are interested in what you have to say.

5. Write an informative e-book and offer it free for customers who sign up on your website. This gives customers a reason to not only click on your site, but to provide their contact information. Doing so helps you retain customers and build their loyalty.

Avoid Blatant Self Promotion

There's a right way and a wrong way to promote yourself with article marketing. The right way is to provide good quality content in the article body and promote your business or website in the author's resource box.

The wrong way is to use your website's URL and/or company name in the article itself, thus turning your article into nothing more than a sales pitch. Content publishers don't like that and they won't use it. Go with the right way.

Provide information in your articles that your target market will find useful: even if those readers never visit your website or buy anything from you. Present this information in a creative and interesting way so it does more than simply introduce your company, tout your services or invite people to your website.
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