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Can Running A Home Business Be Fun?

Apr 27, 2008
We have images of business suits, and professionalism and wonder whether there is any place for a home business to be fun. Corporate life may have made people think that business is serious and there is no space for fun in business, but that way is the first way to failure. Here is why.

All my life I have been intrigued by the few who have succeeded, and done it in such a way that many would have horrid faces! These people have made business fun and pleasurable. Now the thought comes to mind, don't mix business with pleasure. I agree with that point, but that is not what is the essence of what you need is.

Many a person has passed from this world by living life based on others needs and not there own. They have done stressful jobs, which have caused illness. As we have technology here, it has not served man much. But, all this can stop when we look at what we like.

This is the key. You can make running your own home business fun. Consider for a moment something you really like doing. Now I am sure there are others out there who find that so stressful, and one which may have caused some heart attacks for those who hated that.

You can also find what you love, do it as a business, and have fun in the process. Seems utopian, however, this is how the world is changing. Long gone is the need to be a hundredth generation farmer, a hundreds generation teacher, a hundreds generation doctor, etc. Though there is nothing wrong with that, and is great, some people don't want to go that way. You may be one of those people who want to plot your own path through life.

For example people running home businesses online can not say there forefathers ran an online business! Computer engineers likewise can not say such things. These people had to move into it, by there own merits and will. Now, there are some people who are doing those jobs and are not happy, though there aren't that many.

Richard Branson may be a form of proof if you need any. Here is a man who has made business fun. One who goes into business as an adventure, so takes a venture in its strides, and ultimately achieves great success.

Now imagine 2 people. They both join the same opportunity. One of them joined because of the potential money he or she could make. The other loved the idea, the product, etc. While one struggled to make money, the other was doing what they loved. In return the paradox happened. The one doing what they loved achieved great success, while the other failed. We can learn a lot from this. You can ask any successful person, and you will find that business is fun!

Yes, business is serious, and you have to be professional whether in a home business or retail store, but you can still make it fun. Bill Gates finds computers fun, programming fun, in return the hours of lost sleep for him, likely felt like a teenager playing a video game through the night. Which would you choose?
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