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If your Adwords Campaign Goes Bad, What Can You Do?

Apr 27, 2008
You finally did it. You launched your product. You pulled together all of the keywords you could think of. You created the perfect website and the coolest advertisements possible. You launched your AdWords campaign by the book, following all of their suggestions step by step.

Then why is my cash outlay still higher than my income?

A failed AdWords campaign can be blamed on a variety of causes. The most common cause for a failed well set up campaign is improperly chosen keywords.

The whole foundation of your strategic structure is properly chosen keywords. If your chosen keywords don't let your reach the audience you are aiming for, you will find that you aren't getting visitors to your webpage or you are spending all your advertising budget on people who visit your site that are not looking for what you have to offer.

To start with use the tracking features that are available with your Adwords campaign. Check to see which of your ads are getting the profitable clicks and which ones aren't. An ad that isn't bringing any profits needs to be either scrapped or reformatted.

Take note of the keywords you used in creating these ads; these are probably not very successful ones for your product at this time (although you should not discard them completely just yet; you never know when the tides of the market are going to turn and these words are going to be your best hope).

After you have done this take a look at the ads which are bringing in leads and determine how many of these leads are generating sales. It does you more harm than good to run a pay per click marketing campaign and have idle viewers choosing to view your ad; suddenly your advertising budget is being drained and you are getting no return for it.

Discover which of the keywords are generating these idle visitors in contrast to the ones that are getting sales. There may be a problem with the ad copy or how the ad is written or there may just be the keywords not doing their part and it may need to be discarded and another put in it's place.

To protect yourself and your advertising budget from wasting away on unsuccessful campaigns, monitor your Adwords campaigns and take the time to carry out the tasks weekly or bi-weekly.

If you keep watch and fix any problems as they arise you can keep your Adwords Campaign working in tip top order.
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