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The Best Multi Level Marketing Leads Is There Such a Thing?

Apr 27, 2008
You might be confused with opinions and suggestions regarding what or where to get the best multi-level marketing leads. Some people tell you that the best leads come from your warm market such as your family, relatives and friends. Other people might tell you that it leads from your cold market are better and easier to convince. They might even add that cold leads are easier to get as you can buy a list of leads from the internet. So you don't have to resort to your telephone directory and call those uninterested people off the white pages. So who is telling the truth? Warm market or cold market? Here is what I know.

There are no best multilevel marketing leads. Yes, you read it correctly. People are already saturated with offers of easy money, work from home business schemes. A lot of people have already tried it and failed. And a lot of people have heard their stories and so they don't believe in it anymore. They also don't believe or at the least, they are skeptical of success stories they read on the internet. They think of these stories as fallacies and scams used to fool people into joining a networking business that does not really work. People have the tendency to believe negative stories than success stories, especially if it's just something they read from an unknown person in the Internet and not somebody they know and see in flesh and blood.

On the other hand, your warm market would prove they are just as difficult to convince as your cold market. Knowing you personally is a double-edged sword. Not all of your family, relatives and friends, or acquaintances, see you as an expert on things, especially on business matters. So their tendency is not to take you and your business proposal seriously. Most especially old relatives, who think of themselves as master of all trades, would think you're just a silly little fellow believing what you read from the internet. You are lucky if they don't make fun of you.

So, you may ask, what should you do? Your warm market is still the first try and greatest challenge. If they don't buy or join your business, at least they served as practice. You can and still need to use the cold market, buy leads or browse through the white pages. Of course, you wouldn't know for sure if there are no interested parties in there unless you call them. But the surefire way of finding people that would sign up, is looking for people who really need your product.

For example, if your product is for health and wellness, go to the gym. If you have a friend from the gym office, you can ask him information about the patrons of the gym. Who needs to lose weight desperately? Who wants to stay fit but does not have the time to work out? Then find these people and make friends with them. Once they get comfortable with you, you can start talking about your product and business in a nonchalant way. Talk like you are just casually mentioning something that is truly working for you and earns you money at the same time. You must remember that people are automatically turned off when they hear the words, you need to buy or you should join right off. Those words should come from them and it's up to you to make them say it.
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