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Something for Work from Home Moms

Apr 27, 2008
Having a job while working from home can be fulfilling, not to mention enjoyable, for a mom who does not have the time or sometimes the credentials to go to a regular nine-to-five job.

There are many different ways that work from home moms can earn their living and augment the family income: they can write short articles that can serve as content for websites or company bulletins, they can serve as virtual secretaries for offshore bosses who want to do business in the mom's country of origin, and they can get their hands a bit dirty for some arts and crafts by making different creative things such as wedding invitations, flower arrangements and centerpieces, and gift baskets. There are many things that moms can do in order to help out in making the bank account bigger, and yet another example of such an opportunity is in network marketing.

Network marketing involves widening one's own network and getting contacts to buy different products and services from you. These products are as diverse as shoes, bags, clothes, groceries, and even hotel memberships or healthy drinks.

The more that your people down the line from you buy the network marketing program's products from you, the higher your commissions will be. And the larger your network is, the more likely it will be that the people down the line from you can recruit more people to buy from you and higher the likelihood that the people down the line from you, and further down the line from the people down the line from you, will buy more products from the network marketing program. All these people will contribute to your commissions, so that as you widen your network and get more people to participate, the more money you earn.

Of course, if you want to widen your network, you will need to a bit of networking, right? This can take the form of walking the floor at conferences and parties, or anywhere where your potential target market is gathered. This means socializing with an ever larger and more diverse population of people, and searching out places where your target market will be lurking. If you are a strict stay at home mom who has to take care of the kids, you will not be able to find the time to do this but thanks to the power of the Internet, you can do your own network marketing online.

All that you need to do is to take off a few hours, say two or three of each day in order to scour the Internet for forums and mailing lists that are devoted to people who are part of your target market, or where you know a lot of people that you can rely on for deepening and furthering your downlines, and thus increasing your commissions. At the start, you will certainly need these two or three hours to go and sign up for as many different forums and mailing lists as possible; as the network marketing gets underway, you will need less time for signing up, and use this time, say an hour or two, for posting at different forums and mailing lists.

Do not immediately engage in sales talk; you will need to help your readers and forum visitors first. Talk to them, ask questions, and be interested in their lives. You need to start off showing that you care about what they think. As soon as you know that they can trust you, start talking about what you have to offer. As you can see, this requires a bit of creativity from you, but if you know how to handle people and do good sales talk without being overbearing, then you can be the model for work from home moms who want to earn more money even while staying at home.
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