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Online Parties, How Do They Work?

Apr 27, 2008
Building a business online can be a lot of fun. You may ask how it can be fun. When you have a party in your home, you play games and eat food and people are having a great time.

When you build a business online, you can have online parties. This is a great way to build a business of almost any kind. Whether you sell products or offer services, you can still have parties.

To get started, you need to find a chat room. A lot of the Work At Home Mom sites have chat rooms that you can rent for a small fee. Set a date for at least one week out so you will have time to advertise your party and prepare your presentation.

Once you set the date, you need to start advertising it. The site owner will give you a link to the chat room. You need to use this in your ad so people will know where to go for the party. You should advertise on message boards, networks, and any other type of group you are a part of.

You also need to send e-vites out to anyone you have an e-mail address for, but make sure you have permission to send these types of e-mails to them. You don't want to be hit with SPAM. You need to make sure you advertise your party as much as possible. It's also important to advertise the day of your party as well.

Once you advertised at least one time, you need to start preparing for your party. When you sign up for it, you need to ask if the room has audio. If it does have audio and you have a microphone you can give your presentation verbally. If you can't do your presentation verbally, you will need to type out your presentation in a format that will allow you to copy and paste.

When you copy and paste you shouldn't do more than two to three sentences at a time. Then you will want to wait for 30 seconds to a minute before you copy and paste again. You want to give your attendees time to read it. As soon as you complete a section you need to ask if there are any questions. Continue this process until your presentation is complete. When you are done you can play a few games.

Playing games can be a lot of fun. What's even better is if you include your site in the games. Games such as word scrambles, word searches, and picture searches are a few that you can play with your website.

After you are done with two to three games, you need to start the close of your party. Ask if anyone has any questions. When all the questions have been answered, you need to ask who is ready to place their order. After you get each order, make sure you ask if you can book a party for them. This is a great way to fill your calendar wit more parties.

So, there you have it, step by step instructions to a great online party. The more parties you have the easier the presentations will come to you.
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