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Having Your Web Site Running...Fast

Aug 17, 2007
Ok...so I decided to have a web site to promote my business. Fine, I now need someone who can design a professional and eye catching site for me. Once that's done, they need to develop it...fast...I don't want to wait months for it of course!

Web site ready! Who is going to host it...make it available on the web? It also needs to load fast and be easily accessible for those with slow connections.

My web site is finally online. I can browse my site from Internet Explorer...fantastic !!

But wait...how come it does not show up on search engines. After some research I realize that in order to show up, my web site needs to be 'search engine optimized'. I take it off and ask the company who developed it to do some optimization for me.

After a couple of weeks my site is up and running again. But why does it show on page 75 on Google? How is my web site going to be noticed unless it shows on the first page? I also need to do some changes and insert some new pages as well.

Oh!! I forgot...I need to pay the company who designed my site...and the one who developed it for me. There's the recurring bill of the hosting company as well. And that search engine optimization, plus those couple of extra pages took me considerably off budget as well. I didn't realize it was going to be such a headache, time consuming and overall expensive to do this!

The above story is a nightmare that many go through unfortunately. When one has no clue on where to start for having a web site, the chasing starts and you end up having several loose ends. It doesn't have to be that complicated though. One needs to keep things simple and concentrate on the task of knowing what they want from a web site...and most importantly...a site that can be noticed by many.

Thanks to a few professional IT companies, all that is needed for your site can be done through them. Whether its web design, development, hosting, search engine optimization and internet marketing, these companies offer all of these under one roof.

Imagine dealing with one person who can initially liaise with you and get to know the web site you are looking after, develop it, implement it and market it for you. Imagine having thousands of hits per month and hundreds of enquiries for your business. This, today, is not impossible. You just have to find the right service company that can do it for you and support you all the way.
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