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What Is Keyword Targeting?

Apr 27, 2008
A lot of people will talk about keyword targeting, but aren't 100% sure what it's all about. Some people have a general idea about it, but don't go about it the right way. You want top listing on the search engines, and you need to target keywords, so you get a #1 listing. If you sell green crystal watches, most people will target "Green crystal watches", which this is highly targeted, if the search term is only getting 10 searches a month, you might only get 1-2 visitors from it, which means you're not going to any noticeable about of sales or conversions from it.

The best thing to do, is to get a keyword search tool, there is a nice one called "good keywords" which is free, also you can use google adwords research tool, or msn adcenter research tool, I find these better as they are up to date and are great at making suggestions. What you want to do is try and find a set of keywords that are related to your products, but get a good amount of monthly searches, once you have come up with a list, you want to start targeting the phases you have (a phase is a keyword that is two words or more). It is usually best if you use multiple sources for your keyword research, as you can get a broader picture, which will be more beneficial in the long run, as you'll then be targeting the general market, and not just the visitors to one search engine. The more targeted your keyword is the better, but also you want the keywords to have a high amount of search made for it every month, striking a balance if often an art in itself, but with a little practice you can get it to a level that you are able to work with (ie amount of work in relation to how many visitors you get from it).

Writing articles is a great way to target keywords you are trying to rank for, writing articles about your keywords, and publishing them on your site, and then building backlinks is one of the most efficient ways to raise your rankings to the first page. Another way is to buy links on websites with a similar content / products and getting them to link directly to your product / content pages for that keywords with the keyword in the link text. Another way to get links with Articles is to publish them to article directories with your keywords in the bio box linking back to your website.

Keyword marketing is more important than most people realize, as if you chose the wrong keywords, and work on building them, they could be dead weight as they get no searches, the opposite is also true, if you choose an extremely highly completive keyword (just say watches) then you'll need to do an excessive amount of work to get to the front page, which might not be viable for your company in regards to much you'll need to spend to get the rankings.
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